The Little Things.

After such a brutal weekend, I sincerely just wanted to stay at home today. I wanted the hardest thing I had to deal with be whether I wanted popcorn or SunChips with my lunch.

Instead, I came to work. And I’m so glad I did. Within minutes, my first period students were asking me how my weekend was, how my dog was doing, and one came up to me with a small jar of Mini Eggs (my Kryptonite) and said, “I just wanted to get these to you before the season of Mini Eggs ended.” She doesn’t need to know that I bought four bags at Target this weekend.

It is because of them that I will come back (sickness, tornado, or flash flood not withstanding) because I do love them so. They made my terrible weekend seem like a distant memory, and I don’t think they’ll ever know how grateful I am to them for that.

So yeah, I have that going for me. It’s pretty awesome.


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